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The introduction of coconut in the diet both in the raw state and in the form of oil and milk can lead to certain health improvements such as reducing cholesterol level, which automatically leads to losing excess weight and improving cardiac performance. Since coconut contain saturated fats creates a dilemma of how it contributes to lose weight. Coconut fat are in the medium chain fatty acids variety, which unlike the fat of animal origin influence the metabolic processes immediately converted them into energy not leaving unnecessary fat on the hips and abdomen.
By lowering cholesterol, coconut activates thyroid function, which converts cholesterol to steroids, pregnenolone, progesterone and DHEA. These enzymes slow aging and all its ancillary effects such as dementia, reduce the risk of chronic degenerative diseases, reduce the risk of cancer, enhance heart function and affect the regulation of excessive body weight. Coconuts effectiveness in reducing body weight is accompanied by numerous scientific reports. One of them pointed his special effectiveness in reducing abdomen fat.
Coconut contains lauric acid which is highly effective in destroying viruses and microbes. Bearing this in mind, it can be concluded that coconut helps in defending the body from different viral and bacterial infections.
In addition, numerous studies have been carried out finding that regular use of coconut can be very effective in fighting cancer and preventing its occurrence. This property of coconut comes from its ability to influence the strengthening of immunity.
By numerous conducted tests it have been found that places on the planet where coconut is one of basic foods have a very small percentage of heart diseases and cholesterol levels in residents was in the most cases low. In addition, it is recorded a low percentage of colorectal cancer, arteriosclerosis and kidney disease.
Coconut can also solve the problem of constipation since the coconut milk is an excellent laxative.
Except as a food, coconut is widespread in skin care in the form of coconut oil. Residents of tropical areas uses coconut for healing sunburn, or damaged or cracked nipples in nursing mothers. It is proven that coconut oil contains phytosterols, which are responsible for the anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties of oil. As an ingredient of cosmetic products, or when used alone, coconut oil has an excellent moisturizing and emollient effect on the skin. According to some sources, the coconut oil improves tanning and allows the skin darkens evenly.
It is often used in making lip balm, because of its consistency.
It is often used in packaging for hair care to feed and regenerates dry hair.

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