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When it comes to natural treatment of diabetes, it is necessaryto know that food plays an important part, if not even the most important. All thechanges in the diet are focused on maintaining the levels of blood sugarnormal, and it is important to know that in the majority of cases, blood sugarlevels can be controlled with a proper diet. All the person in question needsto do is inform about the types of food that should be avoided and thenutrients which can help with diabetes. Besides, there is a number of herbs that are also beneficial for people with this health problem, because they have thepower to affect the levels of sugar in the blood in a positive way.

Food that should be either eliminated from the diet or limited

Foods that should be eliminated are refined sugar, sweets, andfruit sugar in the first place. Then, glucose, soft drinks, and hydrogenatedvegetable oil should be eliminated or at least limited as well. White sugar, aswell as all the products that contain it, should be reduced as much aspossible. Honey and other natural sugars are a good substitute for sugar. Due tothe fact that processed food usually contains preservatives and more salt thanrecommended, this kind of food should be avoided too.

Red meat and other animal foods should also be reduced, andthe same goes for eggs. When it comes to caffeine, 2 cups of coffee a dayshould be a limit, although it would be even better to begin to drink green teainstead, or any other tea, for that matter. As for alcohol, it does not have tobe eliminated entirely, but its use should be reduced significantly. Also, it isimportant not to consume it in empty stomach, because it can seriously affectthe levels of sugar in the blood, or more precisely, it can lower it.

Foods that should be consumed

Fruits and vegetables are very important part of the dietand it is recommended to have at least 5 fruits on a daily basis. As forvegetables, it is much better to eat them raw, because during preparation theytend to lose some very important minerals and vitamins. Dairy products, wholegrains and nuts are also significant, which means that they should not beregarded as less important.

Aside from food, it is important to make sure that the bodygets sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis, and for those who smoke itis recommended to quit, because this habit reduces the amounts of oxygen in thebody, and oxygen is important for the process of glucose processing.

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