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 Easy to digest foods


The lifestyle of most persons nowadays does not leave much time to pay attention to the types of food ingested, which often leads to a compromised digestive system, and in some cases even obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Those who suffer from various different types of digestion problems need to be extra careful when it comes to choosing the types of food which are to be consumed. Different persons may have different experiences with the same foods, and certain food items require more time to be processed than the others. Age group can also make a big difference, since most young people have properly functioning digestive systems.

What are Easy to Digest Foods?

Foods that are easy to digest are those which pass through the digestive system rather quickly. Digestive problems may sometimes occur due to wrong combinations of food or overeating. All different food categories have different digestion requirements. Vegetables can be mixed with proteins or starches and carbohydrates. Starches and carbohydrates should not be mixed together with proteins. Proteins require acidic environments, while carbohydrates and starches require alkaline environments for digestion. Live and raw foods are much easier to digest than the refined and highly processed food items. Raw foods are also very efficient in providing the body with enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and essential minerals. Different fruit categories should not be mixed, if possible. Vegetables and fruits should not be consumed together because they cancel each other’s beneficial properties. Cooked and baked foods should not present that much of a problem for the digestive tract, and the same can be said for uncooked fats.


Those who suffer from a compromised digestive system need to simplify the diet and include plenty of foods which are rather easy to digest. Those types of foods commonly do not contain abundant amounts of fat and fiber. Those who suffer from diarrhea need certain food items which are efficient in providing the strength and making up the lost electrolytes and fluids, mostly sodium and potassium. The preparation of food is equally important as the types of food chosen. The stomach needs to gradually readjust due to the presence of diarrhea. Proper nutrition is very important so it is highly recommended to consume lots of green leafy vegetables, honeydew melon, grapes, apricots, cantaloupe and bananas. Some other recommended foods include fruit juices, squash, ginger tea, yogurt, cream soups and broths, baked or steamed chicken, carrots, white noodles, rice, dry toast and oatmeal, among others.

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