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Refined carbohydrates are actually ordinary carbohydrateswithout any dietary fiber or other types of essential nutrients. They are quiteoften associated with the occurrence of obesity in many people and they can havemany other harmful effects on the human body.

Information on Refined Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates provide the human body with the much neededenergy by being decomposed to glucose and then transported to all the differentparts of the human body. Carbohydrates can be complex and simple. Simplecarbohydrates are actually simple types of sugar and they can be found in mostsweet food items such as cakes, soft drinks, biscuits, pizzas, chocolates andso on. Complex carbohydrates are also known as starch and they can be found innumerous food items such as bananas, nuts, whole grain breads, cereals andsuch. Both different types of carbohydrates are very important for the humanbody but not in excessive amounts.

Excessive amounts of carbohydrates may leadto certain medical conditions such as obesity, different types of heartdiseases, hypoglycemia and depression. Refined carbohydrates are usuallyprocessed from different types of grains and they do not contain any dietaryfiber, minerals, vitamins or healthy oils. The process involves the removal ofgerm and bran from the whole grain. Unfortunately these components contain magnesium,insoluble fibers, vitamin E and numerous other healthy nutrients. Consumingrefined carbohydrates on a regular basis may result in different types ofdeficiencies and abnormal bodily functions.

Impact of Refined Carbohydrates on the Body

Refined carbohydrates may lead to increased levels of sugarin the blood and put additional strain on the pancreas so that it can releaseadditional amounts of insulin. This may lead to kidney damage and type 2diabetes. The excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates get converted toglycogen and it gets deposited as body fat. That is why refined carbohydrates lead to weight gain problems. Othermedical conditions affiliated with excessive consumption of refined carbohydratesmay or may not include cravings for foods high in sugar, degenerativedisorders and cravings for foods high in carbohydrates, liver diseases, fatigue,tooth decay, anxiety, osteoporosis, mood swings, various heart diseases anddifferent types of cancers.

Foods with Refined Carbohydrates

Foods that contain refined carbohydrates include all fooditems prepared of white flour, white rice and processed grains and flours. Moreprecisely they usually include white bread, soda, doughnuts, soft drinks,cakes, jellies, jams, cookies, candies, custards, pie crusts, pastas andpuddings.

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