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Overweight and obesity are serious problems of the modern society. There are lots of diet plans available but some advise that instead of going on a diet a person should detox.

A majority of people in the United States eat fast food at least once per day. Others consume a lot of refined and highly processed foods. These foods are not good for a person's health no matter how convenient and cheap they might seem. Processed foods have lots of ingredients that are not good for the health like sugar, caffeine, salt, trans fats and various chemicals. On the other hand, these foods lack healthy nutrients. Apart from affecting the general health of a person, processed foods highly damage the digestive system.

The book

People who wish to follow the Great American Detox Diet book will actually ditch the diet they are consuming at the moment and find out how they can consume healthy foods and better the health and lifestyle.

The idea is that the packaged foods are replaced with whole, fresh and healthy foods. These foods will better a person's system, bring back the vitality that the person lost and even prevent certain illnesses and diseases from showing up. This book also says what exactly is there in the fast-food hamburgers, microwavable dinners or a box of cookies.

Apart from these tips, the book also contains some 100 recipes and tips on how to make a detox diet a part of life.

Companies that make refined food products actually take out all the good and beneficial nutrients that are originally supposed to be in the product. The product loses its fiber, bran and lots of vitamins and minerals. The things that are left make a bland, white, longer-lasting and shelf-stable product. For instance, white flour is left with only 20% of the vitamins and minerals and 25% of fiber that were originally in the wheat kernel. The importance of fiber

There are two types of carbohydrates. One is good and the other is bad for a person. Products that have plenty of fiber should be consumed because they help the digestive system. An average person should intake between 20 and 45 grams of fiber per day, while most people in the United States intake only 12 grams. On the other hand, foods like refined white flour and white sugar contain little or no fiber. If a person needs to eat cereals or bread he or she should at least consume the brand that has whole wheat listed as one of its ingredients.

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