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Foot Pain

A lot of people experience the sudden pain in their foot due to the pinched nerve in the foot, but they shouldn`t worry too much since this condition is not the one that evokes serious concerns. The pain caused by pinched nerve can be really annoying and unpleasant for some people as it tends to come and go from time to time. If you experience the pain in the foot, you should visit a doctor. This conditions is also called Neuroma, which is a nerve pressed by some external muscle or tissue, and people who suffer from it could get really confused not knowing the real reason of the pain.

The compression of the nerves in the area of the foot will usually cause the pain somewhere between the toes. One of the obvious signs of the pinched nerve in the foot is the sensation that one gets when their arm or leg ‘falls asleep’. Sometimes, a pinched nerve can be mistaken for a cramp and it can happen in any time of the day or night. There are various causes of the pinched nerve and mostly all of them have something to do with some form of the strenuous or physical activity. A pinched nerve can usually happen while wearing tight footwear, when the shoe is pressing some of the nerves of the foot creating the pain.


One of the most common symptoms of the pinched nerve is the sharp pain in the area of the foot. Having a certain weight upon the foot, sudden turning of the foot or wearing the shoes for a long time can cause the pinched nerve followed by a pain. If you are suffering from Neuroma, you must have experienced some of these signs already. Pinched nerve can also cause the numbness in the foot and although many people believe that the numbness is created by the insufficient blood supply to the foot, it is actually caused by the pinched nerve. The sensation of tingling in the feet and hands is also something almost everyone experiences at one point of their life. You must know that there is a big difference between the pinched nerve in the foot and a nerve tumor that usually occurs between the third and fourth toe on one`s foot.


If you have a problem with pinched nerve, there are several helpful tips you can use. You can start by stopping the presence of any kind of compression to the foot and by rubbing the area of the foot in which you have pain. In case, you experience the numbness without pain, then you should try shaking the foot for a while until the numbness disappears. You should definitely wear comfortable footwear and make sure that they don`t make any kind of a pressure on your feet.

If you don`t find any of the above mentioned tips helpful, than you should visit a podiatrist, who will make the appropriate diagnosis and recommend the right treatment. There are several forms of treatment that a specialist can recommend and they include taping or padding to support the foot, some orthotic device, exercises for the pinched nerve, medications and even surgeries in some very serious cases.

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