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One should know that foot tingling is not an illness;it is just the symptom of some other condition. Tingling is an odd sensation that many people haveexperienced. It may appear in almost every part of the body. It usually happensthat this tingling sensation is accompanied by numbness.

The foot tingling and numbness may be the warningsigns of many medical conditions, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis and carpaltunnel syndrome, as well as seizures and migraines. Furthermore, hyperthyroidismor overactive thyroid gland has the foot tingling and numbness as its symptoms.When Raynaud's phenomenon occurs, the foot tingling is normal since in this conditionthe blood channels are blocked and the blood cannot reach the fingers, toes,ears and nose. This happens due to very low temperatures.

Causes of foot tingling

Almost every one of us has felt the foot tinglingafter standing for a long time or after sitting in the same place for aconsiderably long time. Many people also experience this condition afterrunning too long. This happens because such strenuous activities usually tendto limit the blood flow through the legs. As a consequence, foot tingling andnumbness occurs.

Furthermore, when one suffers from a lower backinjury, it can have consequences even on the legs causing foot tingling andnumbness. It occurs because a herniated disc makes strong pressure on thespinal nerves. When tingling occurs frequently at night, the maincause of that is diabetes, at least in the majority of cases. There are certain conditions, such as enlarged bloodvessels or tumors that make pressure on the peripheral nerves. As a result,tingling sensation in the feet, legs, hands and fingers can appear.

The cholesterol accumulation, vitamin B12 deficiency and excessive consummationof alcohol and cigarettes, as well as radiation therapy and disturbed levels ofcalcium, potassium or sodium, may lead to the occurrence of foot tingling.

Treatment of foot tingling

In order to successfully treat foot tingling, firstit is important to detect the underlying cause and eliminate it. People who experience this abnormal footsensation should elevate the foot and hold it in that position for a while. As torelieve the symptoms, a cream or lotion may be applied on the foot. It is also recommended to soak the foot in coolwater mixed with vinegar. People should avoid wearing unfit shoes and sittingon the legs, as well as crossing the legs. Moreover, stretching exercises forflexibility should be regularly performed.

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