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There are many causes of the elbow numbness, which make people feel uncomfortable. The term numbness describes someone’s disability to have a feeling of touch in a particular part of the body. Many people have experienced the numbness in fingers or hands due to compressing of that part of the body while sleeping. There are also some people who experience the numbness in toes because of the too tight footwear. When a certain part of your body becomes numb, you may be able to feel tingling sensation as well. When it comes to elbow numbness, one of the causes can be some kind of an injury to the blood vessels or nerves.


However, there are many more causes of the elbow numbness and besides the injury of the nerves, some kind of trauma or compression of the nerves could cause this sensation. Insufficient blood supply to the brain is called cerebrovascular disorder, and it can be responsible for elbow numbness as well. Some other causes include damaging of the nerves of the shoulder or arm called brachial plexus injury, compressing of the nerves (also called compartments syndrome), diabetes, various elbow injuries, damaging of the arteries, and neuropathy.


In case you experience elbow numbness, you should visit a doctor so that he/she could be able to make the appropriate diagnosis according to the cause of the numbness. There is a variety of treatments for elbow numbness. One of the most helpful ones in a case of damaging the nerves in the area of the elbow is physical therapy, which does not only improve blood circulation in the elbow, but it also provides you with the right movements of the elbow. This method is very effective, but you should consult a doctor before undergoing one.

For reducing elbow numbness, you can also use certain medications that a doctor has to prescribe previously. Make sure that you stick to the appropriate dosage of the medications in order to achieve the best results. Insufficient amount of vitamins can make you have elbow numbness, and in that case you should take the additional amount of them especially vitamin E and vitamin B. One more way to reduce the numbness of the elbow is by performing a gentle massage on the area of the elbow and all over the arm around the elbow. You can do it by rubbing gently the skin of the elbow and, at the same time you will improve the blood circulation in that area of the arm.

These are just some of the methods that can be helpful in case you have problems with elbow numbness, but if you happen to experience the numbness in some other parts of the body as well, you should seek immediate medical help. In case of a complete loss of sensation in one or both elbows, having the elbow numbness again and again, or having weak muscles of the arm, you should also visit a doctor as soon as possible.

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