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Nose bleed is rather annoying but it is not life threatening condition. Everybody has experienced nose bleed at least once in their life time. It is normal to have occasional nose bleeds. However, in case that the condition tends to repeat one should visit a doctor as in this case the real cause of nose bleed has to be determined. Children are most susceptible to nose bleeds.

Causes of Nose Bleeds

The blood vessels in the nasal cavity are covered with thin mucous membrane that is rather susceptible to injuries. The most common cause of nose bleeds is definitely dry air. If there is not enough humidity in the air the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity dries and becomes even thinner. This way blood vessels can easily start to bleed. This especially happens if one starts to blow his/ her nose.

Children pick their noses more than adults. They even put certain objects into their noses and this is why they suffer more from nose bleeds.

In case of flu or common cold the nasal congestion and increased secretion stimulates patients to blow their noses more often. This is another cause of normal nose bleed and as soon as the infection goes away the bleeding does not repeat again.

Causes of Frequent Nose Bleeds

There are numerous conditions that can lead to frequent nose bleeds. Allergies are only one of them. Additionally, inflammation of sinuses or deviated septum can lead to frequent nose bleed.

In people who are suffering from high blood pressure nose bleeds occur more than in healthy population. Nose bleed can be significant sign of increased blood pressure. In these patients the bleeding stops as soon as the appropriate therapy is administered.

Unfortunately, frequent nose bleeds may point to more serious conditions. Bleeding disorders feature with improper coagulation due to lack of platelets or factors of coagulation. In bleeding disorders nose bleeds are more frequent.

Furthermore, if one is suffering from deficiency of K vitamin he/ she may experience frequent nose bleeds.

Leukemia is malignant disease that features not only with frequent nose bleeds but also with bleeding in gastrointestinal tract or bleeding from gum. In these patients frequent nose bleeds may be significant sign of the disease that will lead the patient to visit a doctor.

And finally, in certain number of patients nasal tumors or tumors present in sinuses can cause frequent nasal bleeds. Unfortunately, if nasal tumors are followed by frequent bleeding the prognosis of the disease is rather poor as bleeding may mean that the disease has spread onto the surrounding tissue and blood vessels.

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