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There are different indications for nose surgery. Some people really have problems with, for example, deviated septum while others simply want their noses to look perfect. Ear nose and throat surgeon is the one who should be consulted and who gives an opinion which surgical approach is most suitable in the specific situation.

Rhynoplasty is a type of nose surgery which is performed to achieve aesthetic requires of a patient. In this case, a surgeon has to take care and do the best job obtaining the best possible balance between the nose and the face in general. For some people life drastically changes after rhynoplasty, they become more secure, their self-esteem rises and they finally feel beautiful. Still the expectations have to be limited since even these surgeons are not magicians and every operation has certain limit.

For other patients the breathing difficulties are the primary problem but even they do not hesitate to reshape their noses during the surgical procedure.

Surgery for Chronically Stuffy Nose

A lot of people suffer from the problems caused by chronically stuffy nose. The problem especially intensifies once the basic treatment stops giving desirable effects. The block is usually caused by certain abnormalities in nose structure. This particularly refers to nasal septum. Its deviation can be a caused by breathing difficulties. Allergies or chronic rhinitis are two more causes of chronic obstruction. In case of deviated septum the problem is easily eliminated by septoplasty.

Excessive growth of the turbinate, the tissue that covers nasal passages, can be additional cause of stiffness. In certain cases their size has to be reduced and this way the symptoms will be successfully eliminated.

Surgery for Stuffy Aging Nose

The process of aging is almost always followed by nasal obstruction. The cause of this obstruction is the weakening of the nasal cartilages which due to gravity tend to hang down. This additionally leads to collapse of the sides of the nose and final result is nasal obstruction.

In such patients nose surgery will be highly efficient because it will improve the problems with breathing.

The surgeon will estimate the risks and benefits of the operation and present them to the elderly patient.

Surgery for Broken Nose

Many times when the nose has been broken its original structure is changed and this particularly reflects onto its shape. If nasal bones have been displaced they need to be placed back onto their original spot.

The surgical procedure in case of broken nose can be done immediately if larger damage of the nose and surrounding tissue is present, or a few weeks later in minor injuries, when swelling has gone and the surgeon can realistically observe the damage of the injury.

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