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Mucus is produced by the body in order to protect itself from the various viruses, bacteria and allergens. Furthermore, mucus maintains the nasal passages clean and therefore, it is good for our organism, but only when it is in normal quantity. When mucus is overproduced, it may cause certain problems and complications. When nasal glands produce mucus in enormous amounts we have the dripping sensation of cough in the throat. When this condition repeats many times over a year, it is called chronic post nasal drip.

Causes of chronic post nasal drip

The main causes for the occurrence of post nasal drip are viruses, bacteria and allergens such as dust and pollen. Common cold is also one of the causes that can lead to this condition. In general, post nasal drip is not a serious condition and can be cured fast, but on the other hand, chronic post nasal drip may be caused by other conditions.

Nasal septum deviation may cause chronic nasal drip. A nose is consisted of two nostrils divided by septum and the deviation of the top of the cartilaginous ridge of the septum to the one side leads to the partly impediment of one of two nasal passages. Because of this, the flow in sinuses is made difficult.Another cause of the chronic post nasal drip is sinus infection that is usually induced by various allergies. Sinus infections refer to the nasal membranes and sinuses inflammation and because of them, those who suffer from it have the problem with breathing.Hay fever is also a cause for chronic post nasal drip and it occurs in people who are allergic to pollens. This condition is marked by frequent headaches and frequent nasal congestion.The pregnant women are at high risk to develop chronic post nasal drip because the level of estrogen is high, as well as the blood pressure in the nose, which leads to the inflammation of the nasal membranes.Furthermore, certain medications are also considered to be responsible for the occurrence of this condition.

Symptoms of chronic post nasal drip

The most common symptom of chronic post nasal drip is the feeling of dripping of mucus in the back of the throat. Furthermore, the people who suffer from this condition may experience nasal congestion, chronic sore throat and bad breath, as well as nausea and vomiting. Frequent spitting and swallowing, as well as problems with breathing, may also occur as the symptoms of chronic post nasal drip.

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