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Pregnancy will induce certain changes in the woman's body. It is a process that starts with a spermatozoid merging with a woman's egg cell in the uterine tube, the channel that connects the ovary with the uterus. Unfortunately, there are many problems that can occur and prevent pregnancy from happening. Some of those are Poor quality of egg cell and spermatozoid, slow spermatozoids, improper ovulation process (process that releases egg cell into tube uterine), improper implantation (fertilized egg must be implanted in uterus in a proper place, which sometimes does not happen), bacterial infection (which might damage any part of the entire process), damaged uterus tissue etc. Even though there are a lot of possible problems that might occur, usually pregnancy starts without any problems and ends happily, with baby delivery.


It is obvious that one of the most dramatic changes is with the increase of the belly diameter, thanks to the baby growth and the fluids it is held in. As for normal weight gain during pregnancy, it should be from 20 to 35 pounds, although the weight will heavily depend on the amount and kind of food a pregnant women eats. The statement, eating for two, when pregnant is true, but the baby will benefit a lot more from eating only healthy food. Another problem is with hormonal levels. They tend to rage during pregnancy and one of the things it causes is sudden mood changes. Some women deal with those moods by eating a lot of "junk food" that cannot benefit a baby.


Weight can also induce several problems. One of the problems is inflammation of nervus ischiadicus, which will cause leg pain. This pain can affect the entire back part of the legs with throbbing and burning effect. There are additional problems such as increased blood pressure, widening of the veins, diabetes. One of the biggest problems that might cause additional issues is actually the inability to use medications. Actually meds can be used only if there is some serious danger that threatens the life of the baby or life of the mother. In order to prevent any damage to the baby, the first three months should really be without taking any medications. Some herbal remedies are allowed, which might help with some conditions.

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