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It is not easy to stay pregnant. This is something that sooner or later every woman wishes for and if the conditions are right, thatwill happen. Of course, working towards pregnancy might take months, literally, but that should not be the reason for discouragement. Pregnancy will happen,but some time and patience are needed.


Creating a new life is not an easy task. It happens when aspermatozoid connects with woman's egg cell and then a fertilized eggimplements itself into the wall of the uterus, where a baby will grow in the next 9 months. It is obvious that many requirements have to be met.Spermatozoid has to be present in the exact time when the egg cell leaves the ovaryand places itself in the tube uterine where fertilization should happen.Breaching the wall of the ovary and entering tube uterine is called ovulation and the first tip for boosting fertility would be to predict the exact time of theovulation. Usually, it happens about 14 days after the last menstrual dischargetook place. For men, interesting tip would be to keep the temperature oftesticles a bit lower in order to prevent overheating. This is importantbecause increased temperature can hurt the spermatozoids, since they are verysensitive to heat. Also, it is recommendable for men to decrease the physicalactivity, because it can also increase the overall temperature of the body and ofthe testicles too. Another tip for keeping the testicle temperature normal isto wear boxers. This will keep the cloth away from testicles and preventwarming up. Also, there are vitamin cocktails easily available for both men andwomen that can increase the chances for women to become pregnant.

It is important that woman reaches orgasm during sex becauseit will make the traveling of spermatozoids towards tube uterine a lot easier.We already mentioned that men should reduce intensive physical activity, butthat also goes for women, because it can disturb a normal menstrual cycle.


Unfortunately, sometimes even applying the top tips forboosting fertility are not enough for a pregnancy to start. In those cases, itmight be smart to perform some detailed medical analysis of both man andwoman, in order to determine if there is some underlying condition thatprevents the start of pregnancy. Several examinations will easily discover ifthere is some medical problem that should be eliminated.

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