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Pregnancy is a wonderful period of life for both parents, butit also induces certain changes based on different hormonal levels in the woman'sbody. Since the body is modified in order to sustain another life which includes increased weight and creation of some additional fat tissue. Withnormal eating, increased for the need of a baby, this increase of the weightcan be minimal, but it still exists. So, when it comes to overweight duringpregnancy, there are also fluids that fill the entire uterus where baby iscomfortably nested.


Some weight is lost during delivery of the baby. But thereare more pounds that should be eliminated. This is important because a mother'sorganism should return to normal state as fast as possible and healthy eatingshould be included. There should not be any strict diet because of thebreastfeeding process. This means that mother's milk must not lack any of theimportant nutrients because that might affect badly the growth of the baby. Thisdoes not mean that junk food is allowed, but also low value calories should beavoided.

The problem with weight begins in the pregnancy because manywomen start with overeating. Some women simply have this urge to eatconstantly and if there are bad eating habits present, extra pounds come easily.Some women are simply scared that there will not be enough nutrients for thebaby in stomach so they eat more than needed. This is all potentially dangerousbecause a form of diabetes might occur and that can complicate thingsadditionally.

Eliminating weight

When it comes to weight loss after pregnancy, everythingshould be done moderately and slowly. Only if the obesity is extreme, a strictdiet should be used (only if there is no breastfeeding). Balanced diet isrecommended with a bit more vitamins, minerals and some basic nutrients if babyis using mother's milk. As for exercises, well, it all does depend on the mother'shealth and condition. But, just as doctors do not recommend sexual activity forsome time after baby is born, that is also a period when there should not beany intensive or even moderate exercising. Perhaps just walking should be allthat is done for a while, at least until the body returns to a previous state. Andwhen that happens, all standard activities regarding weight loss can beperformed. Of course, consultation with a doctor should be done first.

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