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Pregnancy lasts for about 9 months and if everything iswell, it ends with a new baby brought to this world. Woman's body goes throughmany changes during that period because it contains another life that must benurtured properly and protected.


Hormonal levels change drastically during this period andnot only that, they tend to drop and raise without any significant meaning. Sometimes,a woman reacts because of those changes, which might be manifested through moodchanges. But also, some physical changes are present and the most obvious one is abigger stomach. This is logical because of the baby in it, but also, many womentend to exaggerate with the intake of food. There is always that fear in theback of the mind present, which makes women eat more than actually needed. It isobvious that they do need to eat more, but that does not mean that fast foodand junk food (which are delicious, by the way) may be used. There are notenough nutrients in those types of food, for both mother and a baby. So, if thereis no controlled eating present, weight increases fast and that might be aproblem because it can cause several medical issues, including even diabetes.What can be done? Are there any safe exercises during pregnancy available?

Physical activity in pregnancy

Increased physical activity helps people a lot, and there isno reason why it should not help pregnant women. There are some safe exercisesthat can be performed even by a pregnant woman. First of all, walking isexcellent cardio workout, which will affect most of the muscles in the body, reduce some extra fat tissue and increase the overall health status of theorganism. As for other forms, stretching must be mentioned. Neck, shoulders,arms, thighs, these all can be stretched. This is important because stretching willreduce the possibility of some muscle injury, and injuries of all kind must beprevented during the entire pregnancy.

Kegel exercises are also very important and should beexecuted as much as possible. These forms increase the strength of the lowerabdomen and pelvic area. They are easily performed and all that is needed iscontraction of the muscles that help us stop the urine flow or the gas incolon. This particular form should be done at least 5 times in a day.

There are also tailor sit and tailor press, which are greatfor those pregnant women who have problems with low back pain.

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