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Conceiving, a baby is a process that people do enjoy, but ifsome basic rules are not followed, the pregnancy will not happen. For understandinghow pregnancy happens, a woman's menstrual cycle has to be known.


Menstrual cycle includes the period from the last day of thelast vaginal discharging to the first day of the next. There are several thingsthat happen in that time. First of all, the tissue in the vagina grows very fast,replacing the one that has been removed during a period, and with that growth,the vagina actually prepares itself for the possible pregnancy. The moment when thewoman's body is completely prepared for pregnancy is about two weeks after the lastperiod. In those couple of days, a day before and day after, if the spermatozoiddid not enter the tube uterine and merged with a woman's egg cell, pregnancywill not happen and the woman's body will flush out the tissue prepared for thepregnancy. This is a menstrual period, which lasts for couple of days afterwhich the cycle starts again.


So, in order for conceiving a baby to end successfully, severalconditions have to be met. Timing has to be proper, contraception must not beused, and both future mom and dad have to be healthy. This means that number of the spermatozoids has to be higher than a required minimum and the spermatozoids have tobe active and mobile in order to reach the tube uterine. A woman's egg cell hasto be there. The egg comes from ovary, from the other end of tube uterine and ifthose two do meet, the spermatozoid has to be strong enough to breach the barriersurrounding the egg. When that happens, merging occurs and a new life is created.The fertilized egg then travels into the wall of vagina, where it will remain for thenext 9 months.

Having healthy spermatozoids and ovaries is what all of usexpect to have, but there are always some problems, even minor ones. Forexample, doctors do not recommend men to put themselves under a lot of physicalstrain (intensive exercises) because the body's temperature can get high quicklyand that can destroy spermatozoids. There are also many medical products thathelp with pregnancy, usually based on vitamins and minerals that are neededfor nurturing the spermatozoids and egg cells. It is also important to point out that if conceiving a babyis not wanted, contraception simply has to be used. A lot of complications canbe avoided in that way.

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