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Almost every mother to be gains some weight during pregnancy. This value varies between 25 and 35 pounds, which leaves them 12 to 21 pounds of extra weight and even more if they suffered some of the possible complications or diseases during pregnancy.

Can you lose weight after pregnancy?

Yes you can. Your pregnancy and baby inside you does not necessary mean that you have to be fat or obese. A great number of new moms reach their original weight within one year. It is important to adjust your new lifestyle to necessity of regular practice and diet.

Should I rush with returning to my original weight after birth of my baby?

No. It is necessary for your baby to have all nutrition, vitamins and minerals, so eat only quality and healthy food, preventing your milk losing its ingredients. Off course, it is good for you to practice and develop your own exercise plan. If you're not breast-feeding, you can return to exercising three months after the birth.

How much time is needed to reach your pre-pregnancy weight?

If your weight-gain during pregnancy does not exceed 22-30 pounds, you should be able to return to your original weight within 8 months.

Does breast-feeding help you lose weight?

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, it does. It releases some species of hormones in your blood-stream, shrinking your uterus to its pre-natal size and returning it original shape. It is important not to rely only on breast-feeding in this process, neither to fast dietetic effects of breast-feeding.

Breast-feeding and diet

It is normal to lose weight in the period after the baby is born. Your body should be able to get rid of extra pounds at 1 pound per week rate without any loss in milk quality or quantity. Off course, it is important to consume at least 1800 calories of nutritional and healthy food per day. It's important to consult your doctor before any action taken, especially when you plan to start exercising.

The benefits of physical activities

As the birth is one major impact to your body's overall condition, it is of great importance to consume quality food, as well as exercise. Exercising will help you lose extra weight, overcome post-natal depression, helps you to return to your normal way of living. Exercising doesn't affect your milk quality.


As diet and exercising are related processes, you should build your program according to them.• Take a great care of your body. Because your body has just gone through an enormous strain it is important to consume quality food. • Start exercising. The best time to start exercising is 6 weeks after the birth. Set up a plan, aiming to regular 30 minutes of exercise per day. Recruiting a partner or a friend may help you achieving your goal. Work on strengthening the pelvic area.

Weight loss

• Be realistic. It is much easier to do something when the goal is achievable. • Be patient. The process of losing weight can last very long. Don't get discouraged. • Only healthy diet. A small amount of junk food or malnutrition will help you. Choose healthy and natural low-fat food.

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