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Pregnancy is a process that changes much in a woman's life. Not only the body is changed, there is an entire list of psychological changes that come with the increase and decrease of hormonal levels and of course, there is a fact that a woman begins to realize all the joys of the future motherhood.


Getting pregnant is not always that easily achieved and some things should be known about that process. Pregnancy starts with the fertilization, when the spermatozoid cell breaks through the barrier surrounding the woman’s egg cell. This happens in the tube uterine and if everything goes well, a baby will be born 9 months later. Becoming pregnant should happen exactly 14 days after the last menstruation happened. Those couple of days are most fertile days to get pregnant. To understand this easily, menstrual cycle has to be known.

Menstrual cycle

All women pass through menstrual cycles until the menopause. This can be explained as a period of preparation for pregnancy and period of elimination of all that was prepared for the pregnancy, which marks the beginning of another preparation stage. So, when the last menstruation is over, the tissue in the uterus begins to grow slowly becoming thick and prepared for a potential fertilization. After 14 days, a woman’s egg cell leaves the ovary and enters the tube uterine. In that space, the egg will wait for about a day or two for the spermatozoid to come and merge with it. If that does not happen, the prepared tissue will start to degrade and it has to be eliminated and pushed out from the body which actually happens with blood discharge during menstruation.

There are many obstacles for a pregnancy to happen. Not only problems with the egg cell and ovary can happen, but there are many things that can go wrong with a man, too. The major problems for spermatozoids are low number and spermatozoids that are not mobile at all, or are simply too slow to reach the egg cell. And even if fertilization happens, there are a lot of things needed to happen correctly for a baby to start growing.

There are some additional steps that should be taken in order for a woman to get pregnant. First of all, there are vitamin cocktails for men and women that should raise the overall health, which helps with pregnancy. There are many medical products that help with the getting pregnant process. An interesting thing is that intensive exercises are not recommendable, especially, for men because raising the temperature during exercises can harm the spermatozoids easily.

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