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Pregnancy is one of the most amazing adventures in a woman's life and of her partner. It lasts for about 9 months and endswith baby delivery and that signifies a start of a new wonderful journey.

Getting started

Even though pregnancy is really something beautiful, it isnot something easily achieved. This means that some effort has to be made inorder for pregnancy to happen. What are the basic facts? Pregnancy starts whena spermatozoid connects with a woman's egg cell. This happens in tube uterine.Fertilized egg cell then implants itself in the wall of the uterus wheredevelopment begins. What needs to be done in order for a pregnancy to happen? Firstof all, sexual intercourse should happen in the time of ovulation. Ovulation isa process of a woman's egg cell leaving the ovary and entering the tubeuterine. This happens at the half of the period between two menstruations,about 14 days after the last menstruation ended. Also, spermatozoid should bewell developed and fast enough to enter tube uterine after the ejaculation.

Pregnancy issues

Knowing the basic facts regarding the start of the pregnancy,certain problems can be predicted. There are problems regarding the function ofthe ovary. There are several conditions including the presence of cysts, whichcan disable the ovary. Also, there could be problems with tube uterine. One ofthe issues includes presence of certain bacteria, which literally fill theentire tube passage and therefore, either woman's egg or spermatozoid or bothcannot move through it. This is why it is very important to check for bacteriawhen it comes to both women and men. Furthermore, there could be problems withimplantation, because it can happen in the wrong place. If that happens, woman'sbody usually regards implant as a foreign body and tends to get rid of it.

As for men, there are number of issues that can happen. Forexample, fluid that contains spermatozoids might not be of proper quality andspermatozoid can die in it very fast. Also, spermatozoids might not be fastenough and cannot reach tube uterine in time, or reach it at all. A problem withbacteria present is also one of the issues men have to deal with. It isessential that if one partner has some medical problems regarding infections, the other partner has to go for a medical checkup and therapytoo. There are many problems that are possible when getting pregnant, but those can be avoided with medical analysis and therapies.

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