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Pregnancy is definitely an entirely new experience for the woman, especially if it is the first pregnancy. But even though young couples do not think much about it, starting a pregnancy is not an easy task and there are many young people who are becoming stressed because they did not succeed in this after couple of tries. Well, future moms, there are some things you need to know, there are many possible reasons why you may be having trouble getting pregnant, but there are also many methods that will help in those situations.


Pregnancy starts once the spermatozoid makes a contact with woman’s egg cell. This merging marks the beginning of a new life, although this is always up for debate. What is the exact moment when the merged cells can be called a new life, a new human being? This question is tightly related to the issue of abortion, but that is another matter. For those who are certain about wanting to become parents, here are some facts.

Both parents might be having certain medical issue that can result in not being able to succeed in becoming pregnant. When it comes to women, there are problems with each part engaged in the pregnancy process. For example, there might be problems with ovaries, the female sexual organ that in most cases, each month releases one egg cell into the tube uterine where merging with spermatozoid should happen. This time window is usually very short, a day or two, after which another cycle of almost a month has to pass until fertile days come again. So, egg cell might never leave the ovary. This might happen because of the presence of cysts on the surface of ovary, which is actually something that happens often. Another thing is the tube uterine. Sometimes, the egg cell is not where it is supposed to be and merging, if happens, might take place in a wrong location, which will not result in a successful pregnancy. Also, tube uterine might be literally blocked with huge amounts of all sorts of bacteria, and even if this does not damage or destroy the spermatozoid, it blocks the way towards the egg cell.

Even when the merging is proper and in the right location, there are still some problems that might occur. For example, the merged cells might simply grow improperly. When it comes to men, most of the problems are related to the shape, number and mobility of spermatozoids.


First thing to do is establish the cause of the problem. Once this is done, treating the problem should begin. If it is something serious, then there is an option of artificial insemination and some other methods too.

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