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It could be simply said that the nodular acne are the kind of the skin blemishes in the form of nodules, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. So, those pimples are, actually, of the oval or any other irregular shape, and, more importantly, there are the kind of acne which are protuberant from the rest of the skin and they could be called lumps. And, those lumps are usually large, about one half of a centimeter in diameter.

As it is already well-known, there are several types of acne and they are all, in fact, the consequences of the inflammatory process of a pore or a hair follicle. So, the nodular ones are also the inflammations, but they are more serious kind of this process. That is why they tend to be extremely painful, and, additionally, they may trigger some chronic problems if one tries to pop them out, such as, for example, a deep scar in the skin tissue.

How to get rid of these pimples?

In order to heal this problem successfully, it is equally important to know the provokers of it, so that their outbreak could even be stopped from happening in the first place. Concerning this matter, it should be pointed out that the cyst grows on the spot of the clogged pore, filled with the accumulated sebum, but, when this accident occurs deeper in the skin. Of course, this process is almost always complicated with the overgrowth of bacteria and the dead skin cells.

As far as the most effective treatment for this kind of skin blemishes is concerned, it should be focused on the usage of somewhat more aggressive agents. That is, in most of the cases, the drugs that kill bacteria are recommended, while, the especially troublesome acne require the use of the therapy based on the laser rays.

However, beside the conventional therapies, fortunately, there are a lot of effective methods, or, better to say, the homemade remedies which can also deal with this kind of pimples and which are intended for the topical usage. At this point, it is important to emphasize that the skin must be washed with warm water in order to open the pores, prior to putting on the chosen remedy. So, the juice squeezed from the mint leaf is very helpful remedy, since this herb is rich in the agents that reduce the inflammations in general. The similar effect on the skin has the oil extracted from the tea tree, which is already well known for its antiseptic properties. And, here are some very popular mixtures that consist of the powder from cinnamon and honey or the apple cider vinegar and water in 1:3 proportions.

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