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Nodular acne falls into the category of pimples that are very difficult to remove. While all types of pimples cause nervousness, people due to long-term inability to get rid of this kind of pimple may reach a state of general dissatisfaction and depression. To avoid this situation people can use several different treatments for removing nodular pimples.

Removing these pimples can be achieved by taking the drugs in pill form that is prescribed by a dermatologist. The most commonly prescribes Accutane, which can also be found in free sale because it is quite safe. Notwithstanding the aforementioned fact, in using Accutane should be very careful because it is a very powerful drug which can cause side effects such as: propensity to bruises, dry skin, headaches, fatigue, hair loss and even disruptions of the digestive system.

Chemical peeling involves the direct application of certain chemicals that cause blistering of the skin. Concerning aggressive peelings, these blisters begin to peel after 2-3 days. In this way, removes the dead skin that replaces with the softer, younger and newer. There are also milder chemical peelings by which the blisters can earlier start to peel, but they are not strong enough to remove nodular pimples. For the systematic destruction of nodular pimples it is necessary to regularly over a longer time apply chemical peeling. Mild chemical peelings have become part of routine cosmetic treatments that are of great help in removing the moderate form of pimples.

If the patient has a very small number of nodular pimples and if this condition is acute, cortisone injection therapy can be applied directly to the nodes. In this way, the pimple dries out by killing bacteria. This type of therapy carries the risk of further skin injury. It is therefore not recommended its application in the case of multiple nodular pimples.

If all of them are attempted methods for removing nodular pimples were ineffective, and if this disorder comes in a severe form applies their surgical removal, although it is really the last option. This procedure is performed by a doctor who makes small decisions through which draws bacteria from nodules. Surgical removing of nodular pimples is very painful procedure that requires a long recovery period. Therefore, this treatment should be avoided as long as possible.

Considering that nodular pimples are very serious skin disorder that can leave scars, before their removal consulting with a dermatologist is very important to determine the therapy that best suits the individual.

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