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There are several types of acne (pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, cystic acne, and so on) and there are the two basic types of the acne scars, and they are the pigmented ones, which are of a darker color than the rest of the skin and the uneven ones, which are manifested as little holes in the skin. The problem of being affected by the acne outbreak almost everyone experienced at least once in their lifetime, but, the problem of having rather permanent scars after them is as well frequent. That is mostly because the scars appear because of the improper way of squeezing them and popping them out, which is the really bad habit. But it is easy to understand that the strong urge for squeezing them can’t be neglected.

Nevertheless, besides a lot of the other types of scars (e.g. from burns, cuts, trauma, bites and so on), the scarring as the consequence of acne is just another problem which could be treated by the remedies that encourage the process of the regeneration of the skin, in general. Such the remedies are the ones that are rich in healing agents and the herb called Aloe Vera is the one of the most effective, concerning this matter. This plant is especially beneficial for the removal of the scars from acne when it is in the form of gel, that is, then it is the most suitable for the topically intended use. Additionally, this plant is one of the oldest known folk remedies for healing the wounds, not to mention the other numerous purposes of it.The effect of Aloe Vera gel

The problem of having these unsightly blemishes can, of course, be quickly and successfully dealt by undergoing some of the surgical procedures, which are very popular nowadays, but their major shortcomings are that they are very costly and aggressive treatments. Therefore, it is better to choose the treatment based on the use of this natural remedy, because, additionally, it is almost always free from some possible side effects.

Moreover, the gel from Aloe is directly extracted from its leaf, and there’s no need to be processed. It is even recommendable to put the gel on the acne, in order to stop the scar from even happening in the first place. This gel should be applied two times on a daily basis and, of course, it is to be applied on the skin that is firstly washed thoroughly, and it should be held over the affected spot(s) more than one hour. Additionally, it is also used for the rejuvenation of the skin.

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