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Neti Pot

If you are having problems with nasal irrigation, there is asolution for your problems and that is neti pot. This method will eliminate themucus responsible for the blockage causing the infection of the sinuses. Theneti pot comes from India, where people have been using this treatment forelimination of the nasal congestion for a very long time. Also, in thiscountry, people do neti pot before yoga as a mean of purification. The methodinvolves the use of a small pot with narrow and long spout. Person needs to use thespout to release a flow of water in one nostril and this water will exit troughthe other nostril. Neti pot and the way it functions may seem strange to some,but it is very effective if you have chronic sinus infection. We will see howyou can use this technique properly in the following text.

Instructions for Use

If you want to use this method, you will have to get a few things. Neti pot isobviously the most important thing you cannot do without. They are made in manysizes and of different materials, but ceramic are the most popular ones. Never geta neti pot which is too small or too big, but remember that it has to have longspout. Also, handles on the pot are advised because this will make pouring ofthe water easier. The water you will use has to be mixed with common or coarsesea salt. If you are using baking soda, it has to be mixed with lukewarm water.Lukewarm water should be used for the neti pot. To get it, boil some water andlet it cool down. Be careful not to use too hot water so that you would not burn yournostrils, so test the water on your hand before use. Salt is then placed in thewater where it will dissolve with constant stirring. Neti pot and the water areready to be used now, so go to the sink, move your head on the left side andplace the spout in your right nostril. Put some mild pressure on the rightnostril with the index finger in order to seal the spout. Try not to move inthis position and breathe through your mouth. Finger and left nostril will keepthe spout closed and you can release steady flow of water in the right nostril.Breathe through the mouth and the water will exit through the left nostril. Theporing needs to stop when you get to the middle of the pot. Then remove thespout, stand up and gently blow the nose. This will remove mucus or water thatmay have been left there. This has to be done for the other nostril as well, sodo the same thing for the other side. Tilt the head to right and place thespout in the left nostril. After all of the water exits through your right nostril,stand up and blow your nose again. In order to get the best results, you mayhave to repeat the procedure. Problems of nasal blockages and sinus infectionscan be eliminated with the regular use of neti pot. Remember that morning isthe best time for neti pot techniques.

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