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Sinus drainage can be a real problem. Everyone has experienced this problem, usually accompanied with the runny nose, blocked sinuses and sneezing. Constant sinus drainage can affect our usual daily activities and even our work.

People may experience sinus drainage due to a number of things. Common cold and flu are known to provoke similar symptoms, usually with the heightened body temperature and chills. Various substances can be allergens for people and cause sinus drainage, also. Pollen, smoke and dust are just some of the allergens that can lead to constant sinus drainage. Chronic sinus and upper respiratory tract infections can also cause dripping nose.

Everything mentioned above can provoke irritation of the mucus lining and increases secretion of mucus, leading to constant sinus drainage. Since the sinuses are very narrow, mucus starts to drain through the throat, causing even more unpleasant symptoms for the patient.

Faced with constants sinus drainage, there are still several things you can to do ease the condition. Identifying the root of your problem with increased sinus drainage is of utmost importance. If you are allergic to certain substances, and that’s the reason for your sinus troubles, keep away from these allergens.

Drink Water

Eight glasses of water are minimal amount for the normal functioning of the body, but even more water is necessary when you have sinus drainage problems. Water can help you drain the existing mucus through your throat more easily, but will also decrease the quantity of newly produced mucus in the sinuses. At the same time, this water you drink will keep your body well hydrated.

Irrigate Sinuses

Use a syringe or neti pot and irrigate your sinuses with warm water and saline. Tilt your head to the left side and back a bit, and then pour the solution through the left nostril. The water should fill the left nostril, go through the sinuses and then drain through the other nostril. Repeat the process tilting your head to the right.


Inhaling the steam, especially with a drop of two of eucalyptus oil can help you relieve your sinus drainage. Steam 3 or 4 times every day and you will soon notice that your condition has improved.

Avoid Spices

Spicy food has been proved to irritate the sinuses and it can worsen your current condition. Because of that fact, avoid this type of food.

Antihistamine Drugs

Over the counter antihistamine medications are beneficial for people suffering from sinus problems. They can help you to control your sinus drainage and ease your breathing, but if you are already using some medications it is necessary to consult your doctor, to avoid any potential health problem.

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