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What is the sinus drainage?

The overflow of the mucus created in the sinus cavities happens whenever there is the excessive amount of it in them. That is, certain amount of the transparent mucus is always present over the membranes of the upper respiratory system and serves as the protection from the environmental allergens, dust and germs. However, sometimes the sinuses are forced to secrete greater amounts of this fluid, due to some infection and inflammation. And, the excessive constant nasal drip gradually leads to the soreness in the back of the throat, since, in the normal conditions, certain amount of the mucus is unconsciously swallowed on a daily basis as well.

So, when some difficulties with swallowing appear, we can talk about the first sign of influenza, the allergic response or common cold, for example; as the most common ailments tightly associated with runny nose, sore throat and the post nasal drip. However, the difficulty when swallowing is often followed by the sensation of having a lump in the throat, since the mucus becomes dense and sticky, and, therefore, hard to be swallowed.

Additional indicator of the sore throat due to the excessive discharge from the sinuses is the cough and it is the sign of the infection provoked by the entrance of virus or bacteria.

The most beneficial treatment

As far as the treatment for this condition is concerned, fortunately, there are a lot of the available medications which could be found in pharmacies and which are mainly focused on lessening the amount of the mucus, on making it less dense and more watery, and, of course, on alleviating the burning pain that is located at the back of the throat.

When it comes to the problem of the mucus, the moisturizer and vaporizer are the most effective for decomposing it, as well as for the annihilation of the virus or bacteria, due to their antiseptic properties. For the same purpose, very helpful is the simple remedy made of the salt and baking soda diluted in lukewarm water. This remedy should be used for the irrigation of the nasal cavities and the throat.

Also, for making the nasal cavities cleaner, neti pot is a good solution. It is, actually, certain way of irrigating the cavities with the solution mentioned above, which includes moving a little bit up and down the head, after the solution is put in the cavities, so that the sinuses could be washed as well. The throat, of course, should be irrigated the same way, not to mention that the increased intake of the liquids is essentially important for dealing with this problem.

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