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Sinus wash represents the process of cleansing sinuses. The process is also known under the name sinus/nasal irrigation and sinus rinse. It is a natural and rather practical way that can efficiently deal with congestion caused by hay fever or allergy. During the sinus wash, accumulated dust particles are washed out, hence the person can start to breath normally. Furthermore, sinus wash stimulates the movement of the cilia and healthy secretions. The mucous membrane of the nasal and sinus cavity stays moist.

Sinus Wash Products - How to Use Them?

There are many products used for sinus irrigation. Each of them has a slightly different method of application and not all of them are equally efficient.

The best way to apply sinus wash products is to bend over the sink, lower the head and tilt it slightly to the left. Point the left nostril down towards the sink. The irrigation bottle or the tip is supposed to be pressed firmly against the right nostril. It is essential to memorize that parts of the bottle are not supposed to be inserted into the nose and one must keep the mouth open and breath through the entire process.

Once the process has started the solution will drain out through the left nostril. The very position of the head does not allow the solution to go down the throat. After the person has finished with irrigation he/she should let the remnant solution to drain from the nose and then gently blow the nose to clear out any remaining solution.

What are Benefits of Sinus Wash?

Sinus wash is an excellent means for promoting good nasal health and it is recommended to people suffering from chronic sinusitis, those with facial pain, headache and cough. According to some reports sinus wash can be equally effective as certain drug therapies.

There are several benefits of sinus wash. The first one is clearing of the sticky mucus and consequent reduction of nasal congestion. Furthermore, sinus wash assists in cleansing the sinuses from allergens, contaminants and irritants. It represents an excellent means of treating chronic sinus infection. The process may be good for prevention against common cold and flu and is also effective in reduction of nasal dryness. Another positive side of sinus wash is that it can help in the treatment of the empty nose syndrome. And finally, people who have practiced sinus wash reported improvement in sense of smell and taste as well as improvement in breathing (the person breaths deeper and more relaxed).

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