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What Is a Neti Pot?

A neti pot is a device similar to asmall teapot. It is used for cleaning and clearing our nasal cavity.These items originate from oriental culture and have many years ofuse behind them. They even go hand-in-hand with yoga, making one'sairways clear before indulging into the discipline. However, onlyseveral decades ago has the neti pot reached other parts of humancivilizations and cultures, appearing in the western world as well.Today, many people enjoy all the benefits a neti pot can bring, usingit regularly as means of personal hygiene. Nevertheless, some believethat this device is potentially dangerous as it may cause someproblems when a person is using it. In defense of the neti pot, wecan only say that those who know how to use it, can never get hurt byit or experience troubles while enjoying its benefits. Any potentialdanger may only stem from misuse.

How Does One Use the Neti Pot?

As mentioned above, this teapot-likeinstrument contains a spout small enough to fit one's nostril, aliquid container connected to the spout, and an opening for fillingthe container. Thus, in order to use a neti pot properly, you are tocreate a saline solution which you will pour into the pot. The potitself can be made out of clay, plastic, glass or some othermaterials, and is available in many health stores. Then, you are toplace the spout into your nostril and pour the solution, letting itwash and clean your nasal cavity, expelling the fluid through yourother nostril. You need to make sure that the saline solution matchesthe temperature of your body and that it is neither too strong nor toomild, regarding the concentration of the salt.

Positive Sides of Neti Pots

Apart from cleaning our nasal pathways,neti pot also removes any harmful bacteria which might be locatedinside. This way, we protect our sinuses, throat, ears and, ofcourse, nasal cavity, decreasing chances of appearance of anypossible infections, diseases or other problems which might affectthese areas. Moreover, our brain benefits if we are able to breathemore air, resulting is cessations of headaches, migraines and other,similar problems. Our eyes and some of our glands greatly benefitfrom our neti pot use and make it a highly recommended aspect ofpersonal hygiene.

As for flaws or dangers related to thisinstrument, you really have to look hard for them in order to findthem. Other than physically injuring yourself with a neti pot, ormaking an inadequate saline solution, you really cannot do anythingwrong. Thus, get informed, prepare everything well, and boost yourhealth with these miraculous instruments.

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