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Keep Your Nose Clean

We all know how important it is to haveour nose clean and deprived of any annoying obstructions. Firstly,this makes us breathe more easily since, each time we have excessivemucus accumulated in our nasal airways, our breathing is moredifficult. However, there are other problems related to thiscondition as well. Namely, numerous sinus, nasal or other infectionsmay affect this part of our body, if we do not keep it clean.Headaches, bad breath, complete nasal congestion, and many otherproblems are likely to strike us if we do not take care of our nasalhygiene. Now, many would believe that cleaning your nose meansblowing it while using a handkerchief. Nevertheless, this is notenough. Sometimes, if we want to be sure that our nose is completelyclean, we need to use a neti pot.

Definition of a Neti Pot

Originating from India, neti pots aresmall devices resembling tea pots. These are used for pouring salinesolutions into our noses, keeping them clean. They have a spout whichfits our nose, and an additional opening, through which you pour thesaline solution into this container beforehand. Small and practical,neti pots can easily keep your nasal cavities clean and disinfected,helping you get rid of excessive mucus or some unwantedmicroorganisms located inside this area.

As for their availability, you maypurchase them in any health store possible. They can be made ofporcelain, ceramics, metal, glass or even plastic. Once you buy yourown neti pot, you need to know how to use it.

Using Your Neti Pot Properly

In order to truly benefit from using aneti pot, you need to take care of several things beforehand.Firstly, you need to make an adequate saline solution. You willachieve this by mixing a quarter of a teaspoon with eight ounces ofwarm water. The salt you are to use here must not be iodized and hasto be of the best possible quality. If the salt is not pure enough,it may irritate your nasal cavity during the cleaning process,causing more harm than good.

Once you have done thins, pour thesaline solution into the neti pot. Then, lean over a sink with yourhead slightly bent to one side, your chin being the same level asyour forehead. Upon doing this, place the spout into your uppernostril and gently pour the warm saline solution inside it. If you dothis correctly, you are to expel the extra mucus through the lowernostril. Sometimes, the liquid may go out through your mouth. Then,repeat the process again, breathing through the mouth, ejecting theliquid through the lower nostril. Keep the neti pot clean and do notshare it with others.

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