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Because we move our neck considerably during the day, it is a very difficult place for us to pull a muscle and experience a sudden pain. The pain is always caused by some of our actions, and when it happens, we will desperately try to fix the problem. So, in order to avoid getting this pain in the future, first we have to understand why this pain actually begins. In the following text we will discuss the causes and treatments for pain in the right side of the neck.

Causes of Right Side Neck Pain

This is one of the most excruciating pains which occurs if a muscle is pulled. But how did we manage to do that? We could pull a muscle while working out. Doing something wrong in the gym, making a wrong move or extreme stressing of the shoulder muscle could lead to right side neck pain. Before every work out, we must perform a warm up since working out on a clod muscle can lead to pulling it as well. Wrong posture is also one of the causes for the right side neck pain. Sitting in a wrong position for too long or sleeping with a pillow that you are not accustomed to, might induce neck pain, since neck is kept in an unnatural position for a considerable amount of time. Neck pain can even be caused by a blow to the head. People actively involved in sports and especially in martial arts, experience neck pain very frequently. A blow to the neck can produce pain on the right side of the neck and even on the left side.

Symptoms of Right Side Neck Pain

Among the most obvious symptoms are the sharp pain in the neck when you try to move it and the hardness around your neck. Even the smallest head movement will provoke significant pain.

Treatment for Right Side Neck Pain

We will discuss some of the best ways for treating the pain in the right side of the neck and neck pain relief. Person with neck pain should apply an ice pack to the hurting part of the neck and hold it for 20 minutes. This is maybe the oldest remedy for any muscle pull. Ice pack should be applied four or five times per day. Applying heat is also considered to help in decreasing a neck pain. A hot water bag or a heating pad can be applied to the hurting part of the neck. But this has to be done after the swelling reduces and the pain dulls. Prevention is considered to be better than the cure. So take your time and study the causes for the neck pain to ensure you never encounter with this pain again. It is vital to be very careful with workout, watch out for strong blows and have good posture.

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