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There are various methods of treatment for middle back pain, both conservative and non conservative. A lot of people do not know that the middle back is actually a complex structure. Apart from the central part of the spinal column there are also soft cartilage discs and soft tissues of muscle and tendons which protect and make the structure more stable. There are also various nerve roots as well. A person will suffer from middle back pain if only one of these structural components gets injured. The pain can sometimes last for a couple of weeks. The underlying cause will determine the needed time for the pain to go away.

Middle back pain causes

The muscles and ligaments that are located in the middle back suffer a lot of stress because of all the heavy lifting, repeated bending, bad posture during sitting and even sleeping and many more. Pain and inflammation occur when the muscles get strained or even tear a bit. A person may also experience pain if one of the cartilage discs bulges out and starts pinching the nerves in the area. Pain will also occur if the vertebrae bones get fractured because of some reason. Women experience middle back pain during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes and the growing of the uterus. Obesity, digestive problems, arthritis, kidney problems, lung problems and even heart problems may sometimes cause middle back pain.

Middle back pain relief

The first step a person must take towards the recovery of his or her back is taking lots of rest. Rest is an important part of the healing process.

In order to get rid of the pain a person should apply cold compresses. It is important that the person does not apply the ice directly to the skin. Ice cubes can be placed in a plastic bag. This method can be performed a couple times per day.

Most people use non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs when they suffer from middle back pain. A person can buy these medications over the counter but a person should first talk to a doctor. The doctor will also say how much a person should take. In case of severe pain, a person may receive cortisone injections and muscle relaxants.

Doctors will also advise a person to undergo a process of physical therapy. In physical therapy a person will perform various exercises which will heal and strengthen the muscles of the back. Surgery is an option for those patients who experienced a bad spinal injury. Acupuncture has helped a lot of people with middle back pain as well.

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