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When people undergo therapy for neck pain or discomfort, they usually get traction devices which they can use at home or at the office. Tractions usually get the neck area stretched properly. However, the neck needs to have a curvature of about 40 to 60 degrees. This provides relaxation of stress-relief for the spine, helping our muscles get rid of the tension. Thus, true neck traction, involving the adequate curvature, is the best possible treatment for neck problems.

True Neck Traction Definition

This therapy is performed by using an overhead harness, strapped on your neck or head, with something on the other side of the harness, pulling your neck up. Usually, these devices are connected to door which provides the necessary pull. Alternatively, water bags or weights can serve the same purpose.

This kind of traction is excellent since it applies the necessary curvature onto your neck, relieving you of pain and allowing your body conditions for recovery. Posture is crucial for the health of our neck area. Thus, during your medical examinations, the doctor will pay attention to your posture looked from the side. Neck X-rays are also done for better insight into the problem. Ideally, the middle part of your ear should be in line with the middle part of your shoulder. If this is not the case, your head is tilted forwards, leading to misalignment and problems. In the long run, inadequate posture, usually taking place due to working in front of the computer, can lead to serious, painful, deformations.

Our Body's Limited Regeneration Powers

A great fact about our body is that, countless times, it will restore its balance, even when our posture is not ideal. It re-aligns itself repeatedly. Yet, there are cases where our spine is not able to get back into place once more. This can affect a single vertebra or a group of vertebrae. As far as poor neck curvature, the latter case is the cause. This happens through years of poor posture or through a single trauma due to a car accident or similar mishaps.

Either way, proper traction therapy can release any pinched nerves in the neck area, reduce the inflammation and relax the muscles in the area. Moreover, you do not have to wait for accidents to come or for damage to become prominent. Rather, you are advised to use neck traction therapy for preventive purposes as well. The benefits are numerous.

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