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Throbbing Neck Pain

We will focus on this problem, which is usually produced by a neck injury, necksprain or poor sleeping posture. When we say throbbing, the dictionary saysthat it means violently pounding or vibrating which is unbearable. Greatdiscomfort and pain can accompany this problem. The pain described as throbbingis very severe and it can impair the walking ability, or it can also restrictmovement of the neck. As we have said, great discomfort can accompany thisproblem, which can affect your social life and life in general. Here we will tryto bring this problem closer to you, so that you can get rid of it moreefficiently.


We have mentioned some of the most common causes of throbbing neck pain.Inappropriate posture is one of the most common causes. This mostly happenswhen we sleep in an inappropriate way. Taking a nap without the pillow may alsocause the problem. There are several causes which we will list in the followingtext.The first one is the neck injury, which can be produced by a number of reasons.The pain will be the first symptom of this problem, and it is usually followedby swelling and skin discoloration of the affected area. All of theseproblems accompany neck injury. Also, the neck movement will be highlyrestricted. Next possible cause is the neck sprain, which is associated withdamaged neck muscles. The damage usually comes from overstretching the neckmuscles. In some more serious cases, these muscles get ruptured and torn and in such cases surgery is the only option. Also, throbbing neck pain canbe a result of the neck muscle spasms, which happen when the neck musclesinvoluntary contract, thus creating the pain. Some activities and stress can cause thesespasms by inflicting strain on the neck. Cervical spondylosis is a problemthat is created when there is a damage of the neck vertebrae and discs. Spinecovers the spinal cord, which is believed to be a set of nerves used for sending thesignals throughout the body. The friction of the bones is cushioned by thetissues called discs, which are located between two bones. Cervical spine is thename for the spine area located in the neck. The problem we mentioned, calledcervical spondylosis occurs later in the life, since the discs and vertebrae deteriorate over time. This condition creates throbbing neck pain, which sometimes expandsto the shoulder, headaches and neck stiffness, especially, during the night. If you have this problem, you can use anti-inflammatory medications for theswelling and painkillers for the pain. Neck muscles problems can be treatedwith muscle relaxants, such as diazepam, while cervical spondylosis may require wearing a traction for a few days.

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