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Proper Posture – Happy Life

We usually develop our improper posturewhile we are still children. Then, it does not represent a specificproblem. However, later in life, our curved back and bendingshoulders can cause more pain and problems than we were ever able toperceive during our careless days of youth. Thus, you need to takegood care of maintaining a proper posture before too late.

Keeping a correct posture can prove tobe more than beneficial for those whose daily work involves sittingin front of a computer or similar, static actions. Here, properposture can increase your endurance, and remove any back, spine orneck pain you might be experiencing, protecting your muscles, bones,tendons and ligaments, all at the same time, making you feel lesstired.

The most endangered group when it comesto proper posture are obese people, women who “enjoy” wearinghigh heels and people whose line of work involves maintainingunnatural body positions for long periods of time.

How Can One Correct His or Her Posture?

Before you start making corrections,you need to know that your posture did not become improper overnight.Therefore, correction will take time, and you will need to be patientin order to persevere and achieve long term benefits of your posturemetamorphosis.

While sitting in front of the computer,make sure your legs are bent at the knees, forming a 90 degree angle.The same position goes for your forearms and elbows. Keep your backstraight and your shoulders wide apart. Do not bend your upper bodyand neck so as to read the text from the screen. Rather, eitherincrease the font, or use some of many zoom applications available.Finally, make breaks often. They do not need to be long, but shouldbe frequent nonetheless.

When you are standing, make sure yourshoulders and knees are straight, with your earlobes being above theshoulders. Do not slouch and pay close attention to your abdominalarea keeping it tight.

Once you get to bed, use mediumthickness pillows which you will place beneath your head only. Whilesleeping, ensure your back is curved the right way and do not bend itexcessively, assuming a fetal position. Sleeping on your sides isbest for maintaining correct posture.

Perform these small changes in yourdaily habits and you will notice how you gradually feel better andhealthier. Also, your confidence will rise, both in your eyes and theeyes of people around you, since proper posture speaks much aboutyour attitude and personality. So, wait no longer, start maintainingyour healthy posture right now.

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