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Sensitive skin is always very problematic, because it is very easily irritated and affected by blemishes, rash, redness and other problems. People with this skin type have to be careful when they buy cosmetic products because they need to choose the one that will not aggravate their skin. Fortunately, there are many skin products for sensitive skin, which usually contain no artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives that could damage the skin.

Sensitive skin needs extra protection from various environmental factors, pollution, toxins, harsh weather, and, of course, from the sun. When spending time in the sun, it is vital to apply a good sunscreen, and this applies to everyone, not just those with sensitive skin. However, people with this particular skin type must make sure they use a sunscreen that is suitable for their skin and that does not irritate it.

Sunscreen for sensitive skin

Sunscreens are made for all skin types. There are those for normal, dry and oily skin, and their ingredients slightly vary from type to type. Sunscreens for sensitive skin basically contain less chemicals that irritate the skin.

Some of the common ingredients of sunscreen, such as PABA and benzophenones, are irritating for the skin. Sunscreen made especially for the sensitive skin will therefore be based on titanium oxide and zinc oxide, which cannot be absorbed into the skin and thus cause less irritation. In addition, this type of sunscreen will not contain colors or fragrances.

Sensitive skin can also be dry or oily. Sunscreen for oily skin is usually oil-free and based on water or gel instead. Gel-based ones are better for activities in the sun that include swimming or diving, because water-based sunscreen is easily washed off.

Dry and sensitive skin is a whole different issue. These two often go together and people with this skin type have to be particularly careful when buying sunscreen. It needs to contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that will prevent dryness, but at the same time it must be light, fragrance-free and delicate.

It is also recommended to use different sunscreen products for face and neck and for the rest of the body, because the skin of the face is more delicate than on other parts.

It is also important to use sunscreen with appropriate sun protection factor or SPF. It is generally recommended to use those with SPF 15 or higher. People with fair complexion, who often have sensitive skin, should use SPF 30 or higher.

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