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Even though there is a wide range of beauty products on themarket today, the fact is that people can easily prepare some in the comfort oftheir own home. For those who are interested in this, numerous recipes areavailable on the Internet, and if judging by the number of visits to thesepages, it seems that people turn to the natural products more and more,particularly to those that are self-made. The truth is that making these beautyproducts can even be fun, and as far as benefits are concerned, these productsare equally effective as those that require spending a lot of money. For thosewho are new at this, a few recipes on how to make good facial toners and mask areabout to be given.

Recipes for facial toners

Cucumber and honey are the ingredients that a facial toner canconsists of. All it takes is to mix a juice of a half of cucumber and a teaspoonof honey. In order to make the juice, the cucumber needs to be peeled of andblended, and the puree needs to be poured through the sieve in order to getclear juice, to which honey should be added. This toner has to be stored in therefrigerator and it should not be used for more than a week. Before applying itto the face, the container in which it is held should be shaken. Another toner can be made of half a lemon, distilled water andwitch hazel. It is made and used in a similar manner.

Recipes for facial creams

Fresh ginger is a perfect ingredient for a skin crème, andbesides one piece of it, it also takes a teaspoon of sesame oil, apricot kerneloil, vitamin E oil and less than half a cup of cocoa butter. The ginger should begrated and then squeezed in order to get the juice, and together with all otheringredients it should be heated in the oven until the cocoa butter melts and blendswith the oils. It should be stored in a cool and dry place, in a cleancontainer.

A night crème can be made of a tablespoon ofsunflower, almond and lavender oil and 3 tablespoons of lanolin. Lanolin needsto be melt first, which is usually done in a separate bowl placed over another onewith boiling water, and then all oils except for the lavender should be added. Afterthese ingredients are mixed, the mixture should be cooled and beaten as itthickens. Only then lavender should be added.

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