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Pomegranate benefits for skin

The healing and health properties of the pomegranate fruit are truly unique and incredible.

Many benefits of the fruit have been discovered for the skin in particular.

The fruit has a long history of being used to improve the health of a persons skin and to heal people.

In ancient Egypt, the papyrus they used contains records of using pomegranate for healing purposes.

Ancient Greek healers used to fruit for arthritis, circulatory problems, digestive disorders and infections of all kinds.

It was also used in ancient beauty products and is still used in many cosmetic products that will provide benefits for the skin.

Pomegranate has many ingredients that will enhance the skin. It has a lot of ellagic acid and antioxidants, which will to destroy free radicals.

Oil made from the fruit’s seed contains punicic acid and omega 5 conjugated fatty acid, which help with cell regenerations and proliferation. Because of this, a regular use of this oil can delay signs of aging on the skin.

Fighting acne

Since, acne is commonly related to problems with digestion and hormonal imbalances, pomegranate helps by going to the root of the problem. It can correct digestive problems and promote blood circulation.

If a person already has acne, then it is a good idea to apply pomegranate juice on the affected area. It heals the acne and prevents scar formation by regenerating tissue. Anti-aging

The juice of the fruit can also be used as a great remedy for skin damage that results from too much exposure to the sun or from aging. It can help to repair the damage and keep the skin smooth and youthful.

It also extends the life of fibroblasts, which are the cells that produce collagen and elastin, which keeps the skin looking young. Collagen and elastin make the skin more elastic and youthful, which in turn will help decrease the amount of wrinkles on a persons face and the overall visibility of the aging process. Skin creams

If a person does not want to use the natural juices of the fruit, there are many skin creams that are available which include pomegranate juices.

These creams use an extract of the seeds and combine with many chemical ingredients, however, this can result in decreasing the effects of the oils due to over-processing.

These products are also much more expensive. Therefore, the best solution is to use homemade pomegranate juice on the skin, which is done by putting a handful of seeds into a blender and turning them into a juice. Once juiced, it should then be strained and applied directly to the skin.

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