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The Nail Biting Phenomenon

There are countless people, youngand old, that have a nasty habit of biting their nails. However, this isnot just a bad habit; this action, in the long run, destroys one'snails completely, making them a true eyesore. Moreover, nail bitingmay cause injuries to the nail roots, fingertips and other parts ofour hands. These injuries may get infected, giving rise to moreserious problems and situations. Therefore, if you tend to bite yournails, you should do your best to quit this habit as soon aspossible. If you are interested in good techniques for stopping nailbiting, perhaps the following information will prove to be worthy of yourattention.

Possible Ways of Stopping Nail Biting

First of all, you need to be aware thatcertain moods of yours may trigger your nail biting problem.Subsequently, you are to notice when you tend to perform thisunhealthy action and why. If it is due to boredom, try and find ahobby to indulge in, preferably one where you will be using yourhands most of the time, making yourself unable of biting them.Similarly, if you notice that stress is behind your nail biting, tryfinding a good relaxation technique, like yoga or meditation,relieving your body from stress, thereby stopping the nail biting.

If this does not work since you are thetype of nail biter mostly active at night, during sleep, try and weargloves overnight. Make sure they are secured to your hands by a ducttape or a similar method, preventing you from pulling the gloves offand continuing your biting sequence.

Some people may refuse to bite theirnails after they had invested in them. So, giving yourself anexpensive manicure can prove to be a great way of battling your nailbiting obsession since you will not want to ruin your perfect,polished and strong nails, destroying them through biting.

Finally, there are numerous productswhich bear no smell and color, which can be applied to the nails and, uponsomeone biting them, they have a disgusting taste, making one changehis/her habits.

Additional Pieces of Advice

Alternatively, you may rest assuredthat you will not bite perfect nails, since there is nothing to bebitten here. Having this said, keep your nails polished, well cut andtaken care of.

For people who cannot manage to stop byusing all of the methods mentioned above, perhaps bribing yourselfmay be productive enough. Namely, promise yourself that you will notbite your nails for, let's say, a month. If you manage to achievethis, buy yourself something nice, this being a part of your promise.

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