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Ridges on My Fingernails?

Fingernail ridges are a common sight inpeople with certain health problems. Moreover, some people claim thatthey may perceive an entire medical condition of a person solely byobserving and analyzing his or her fingernails. Nevertheless, ridgeson fingernails may or may not be a reason for concern. Namely, peoplewho notice ridges spreading vertically over the surface of theirfingernail may relax since this should present no significant healthproblems. Those who have horizontal ridges, on the other hand, haveplenty to worry about since this may be a symptom of numerousunderlying diseases regarding one's heart, glands, respiratory, andvascular system as well as many others. Therefore, one needs to noticethis sign timely and take measures needed to avoid furthercomplications.

Reasons Behind Fingernail Ridges

First and foremost, certaindeficiencies in our organism, malnutrition as well as some othercauses, may all trigger the appearance of these ridges upon aperson's fingernails. Dehydration, vitamin B deficiency or even adirect injury inflicted upon one's fingernail are all able to causethese ridges. Alternatively, often due to old age, some of our bodilyoils, being involved in the nail production process, get depletedresulting in nail deformation and ridges too. Finally, severalunderlying diseases or medication side-effects add on to the list ofpossible causes. Thus, psoriasis, diabetes, exposure to toxins allcontribute to the onset of this condition.

Possible Treatment of Fingernail Ridges

In order to fight the symptom you needto cure the disease behind it. That being said, the best way ofcuring yourself from fingernail ridges is to heal the underlyingcauses. If you suffer from malnutrition, make sure you introduce someradical changes in your diet, intaking more vitamin E, C and B12, aswell as zinc and folic acid. In combination to these, you may eatmore vegetables and fruits, providing your body with all thenecessary nutritive substances. Furthermore, in cases of dehydration,ensure your proper and sufficient water intake, not settling for lessthan 8 glasses a day. Alternatively, take care of both your nails andyour skin, massaging them with products containing vitamin E andjojoba oil, replenishing materials necessary for your furtherfingernail formation.

Making these necessary lifestylechanges may be of great assistance to your nail recovery. As yourbody grows healthier, your nails will too, reflecting the perfectstate of your body as a whole.

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