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Swollen Fingers Characteristics

Many people experience swollen fingers,or some parts of their body, at some points of their life. Thiscondition is usually triggered by excessive fluid in the troublesomeareas. Most frequently, overuse gives way for this condition. Namely,taking into consideration that our fingers are one of the most usedparts of our body, it is not strange that these are the ones mostprone to certain injuries. Besides overuse, an infection caused by acertain underlying condition or a direct injury, may all be behindswollen fingers. While broken or hurt fingers, as well as illnessesbehind swollen fingers both need immediate medical attention, overuseeffects are easily treatable. If the main reason behind your swollenfingers is excessive usage, resting will be sufficient for theirregeneration.

Possible Causes and Remedies

First of all, there is arthritis. Thiscondition, as well as various variations of it, all may have swollenfingers as a side-effect. While suffering from it, one may relievehim or herself by taking some anti-inflammatory or painkiller drugs.Also, some topical creams exist, which enable pain relief.

Secondly, there comes the carpal tunnelsyndrome. Typically connected with wrists, this condition may,nevertheless, affect our fingers, making them painful and swollen. Thetreatment for this illness is the same as for arthritis, with theexception of applying cold exposure. If all else fails, this illnessrequires surgical treatment.

Direct injuries and infections comenext. Namely, one may injure his or her own fingers and thus cause them to be swollen and painful. Then, a visit to the doctor's is the bestsolution, since he or she will give the best diagnosis and suggestthe best possible treatment. By having a nasty habit of biting yournails, you may provoke infections, some more severe than the others,possibly causing your nail to fall off and the infection to spreadonto the rest of your hand.

Alternatively, you might be overweightand experience swollen fingers for that reason. Also, many peoplecarry rings on their fingers all the time. This may sometimes createproblems for the bearers, making their fingers swollen or infected.Finally, among other things, pregnancy may bebehind the swelling in a woman's fingers as well.

In cases of direct injury, a cut orsimilar swelling causes, make sure you provide your troublesomefinger rest - keep it on a higher level than your heart while lying inbed, and expose it to ice frequently. Afterward, you may considerbandaging the finger so as to prevent it from movement. Whilesitting, keep it on a pillow, or any elevated space. Dipping theproblematic finger in a solution of water and salt for about half anhour twice a day is known to help greatly.

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