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Whatare Vertical Fingernail Ridges?

Fingernailsare commonly known as one of the primary indicators of one's health,and much information can be gained about the body simply by studyingthem. Ridges that run the length of the fingernail are a common issuethat people face, and there are several causes for them. These ridgessometimes form as symptoms of health problems such as respirationdisorders, thyroid disease, anaemia (low blood iron) or circulatorysystem issues, although they can also form simply due to the body'sage. Bear in mind that there is a difference between vertical andhorizontal fingernail ridges, the latter being a probable indicationof medical issues that are unlikely to be readily noticed otherwise.

Thefingernail may show no other signs of less than optimal condition(such as brittleness, cuticle condition, colour, shape, etc.) butstill have vertical nail ridges. These ridges can be identified asraised lines or grooves running from cuticle to nail tip. They mightstill show up as the nail grows, even though they may not be apparenton the nail bed.

WhatCauses Vertical Nail Ridges?

Areduction in moisture and natural oils in the fingernail plates is acommon symptom of ageing, and often causes these vertical nail ridgesto appear. This means that they are mostly a natural effect of agerather than a warning for health issues. Fingernail ridges can alsobe a hereditary issue.

Anothermajor cause of vertical fingernail ridges is dryness of the nails,which typically occurs due to contact with chemical agents such ashome cleaning solutions. Any chemical agent can potentially leave thenails dried out, damaging them and causing the ridges to form.

How toCare for Fingernail Ridges

Verticalfingernail ridges can be prevented or removed by taking the followingadvice into consideration. Patience is the key in these procedures, sincethe body often takes time to heal even minor problems such as this.

Eatinghealthily is the first step; providing the body with a balanced mixof proteins, vegetables, fruits and vitamins can go a long way inpreventing many minor illnesses or afflictions. Drinking plenty ofwater is always beneficial to one's health, as is avoiding junk foodthat typically contains a lot of unhealthy fats, oils and acids.

Usingrubber gloves while working with chemical agents is also advised, asis keeping the nails as clean as possible. Moisturising thefingernails and cuticles using hand lotion is also a good way todirectly prevent vertical nail ridges from forming. To reduce theappearance of existing nail ridges, slowly buffer the nail plates togradually eliminate the raised edges. Observing these proceduresdaily and over a long period of time will ultimately lead to thenails looking healthier and ridge-free.

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