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In the following lines you will learn and discover some ofthe facts that are connected to hypnotism. In most cases, the first thing that crosses our minds when somebody mentions hypnotism is some black and white classic whereone man is having a control over the other with the power of hypnotism. But, contraryto that, hypnotism is a powerful tool that is used in dealing with healthissues.

About hypnotism

According to Mayo Clinic, hypnotism is proved to be effectivein improving of our health and is used to alternate our perceptions and otheraspects of our being. Because of our superstition and misunderstanding ofthe purpose of hypnotism, we believe that hypnotist just waves with his watchin front of another person, and when that person is hypnotized, s/he has todo everything that a hypnotist what him/she to do.

But fortunately it is just a myth. In reality, hypnotism isway much more than manipulation of hypnotized people. Subjects who are hypnotized have total free will and are hyper attentive, so a person can’tmanipulate them. The subject is like in a daydream, expect that his sense issharpened and he feels things that he doesn’t usually feel. It is just like whensomeone is watching a football match or any other sport event, and he/she doesn’treact to anything than to that sport event. During that period of time, his/hermind is totally turned to that particular thing and everything else that isgoing around is excluded. Even the first public hypnotist, Milton Ericksonsaid that people got hypnotized everyday. Medical hypnotism brings a state ofmind where all emotional trouble and stress is left behind. We do exactly thesame things while watching a TV, or reading a book. According to the basicschool of thought on hypnotism, we can access someone’s subconsciousness in a directmanner and explore it. Sometimes, some problem or a trauma can only be dealtwith in that way. Our subconsciousness is very important because it contains a lotof information that we don’t think about, but they are there, present and influencingour everyday life. Our subconsciousness is also responsible for the entire range of things that we do without any thinking, automatically. So, subconsciousness andconsciousness are in a close relation and with the means of hypnotism we cancorrect some problem or inconsistency if there was any, so that we could functionin a better way and feel better about ourselves. Bringing the things from oursubconsciousness up can help us make some crucial decision in a good way.

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