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Hypnotherapy is an old technique used by Greek and Egyptian people, but today, it is becoming more popular as a method for treating different kinds of issues. Mesmer was a doctor who introduced this therapy to the western world in the 18th century and he used certain magnets in his treatment and was convinced that he could completely cure every health problem with the help of these magnets. His technique was later called mesmerism. Today's scientists believe that he helped his patients by hypnosis due to the lack of light during the sessions, music that was played and his abilities.
Hypnotic state
Back in the in the 1950s, Erickson formed hypnotherapy that we use today. After that, the scientists became more interested in the hypnotherapy and they even thought that it should be studied on medical studies. When someone is hypnotized that means that a person is in a special state that is closest to day dreaming. During this state, the heart rate is slower than usual and the breathing is deeper, so the person is very relaxed. In this state, our subconscious is under the influence of the hypnotist and this is the point where the hypnotist tells a person what to do or what not do so that the problem could be solved. Hypnotherapy can be helpful in problems such as obesity and smoking, and it can even relieve pain. There are certain psychological and emotional issues that can be solved by hypnotherapy.
What is hypnotherapy helpful for?
Hypnotherapy can't help everyone, and when a person suffers from conditions such as epilepsy, schizophrenia and severe depression, he or she should talk to a health provider before giving a chance to this way of treatment. You should know that you can't be hypnotized if you are resisting it and don't want to be hypnotized. Also, a person who is in a hypnotic state will never do something that doesn't fit in believes that a person has. Studies showed that 90% of British population can be hypnotized. However, every person can refuse to be hypnotized.
Individuals who were hypnotized claimed that they felt relaxed and calm during the hypnotic dream. They knew exactly what was going on around them and were even more aware of certain sensations. During this state, a person can recall some events and talk about some details that appeared to be forgotten. This technique can be very helpful in solving a particular problem in a fast and effective manner. Of course, the hypnotherapist should be skilled in order to know exactly what to do and how far in the past to go, so that he could help the patient.

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