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What Causes Our Personal Issues?

There are people who happen to make thesame mistakes in their lives, causing them to feel miserable over andover again, all hardships going in circles. Some find this viciouscircle in love. Namely, they always seem to get into relationshipswith persons who already have someone else or are still not over theprevious relationship. Thus, our depressed heroes always end up beingditched since they cannot seem to find a normal, free person to spendtheir life with.

On the other hand, there are thosepeople who believe that, in all the jobs they have been working sofar, they have always been bullied by their superiors, sabotaged andsacked for the same, unfair reasons, which seem to be happening overand over again.

There are many other cases of thesevicious circles in life, coming and going, making us feel miserableand depressed, expecting only the worse to come from all future lifeexperiences.

Naturally, this is not a way to livesince we need to be positive and look forward to all surprises lifehas in store for us. All the negativity and previous feelings of failure area direct product of our subconsciousness, believe it or not.

Thus, instead of pondering or grievingupon your cursed existence or trying to hide before the lightningstrikes you again in some other form of social doom, you may opt forsomething more creative. Reprogram your brain and change yourpersonality by swapping certain things inside your subconsciousness.

How Can We Change Ourselves?

Well, we are already changing ourselveson a daily basis. We are heavily influenced by all the information weare exposed to each day. The media, our experiences and many otherthings we come across trigger these changes in our patterns ofthought, making us feel in a specific way. Thus, the reason behind youfeeling miserable often may not be due to something you have done. Onthe contrary, it may be connected to your way of thinking andperceiving things. We all have role models which teach us how to liveand behave. Sometimes, these role models cause us to be incapable ofgrasping life's true sense, being lost often.

Therefore, you need to reinventyourself if your current self seems to be inadequate. Think about thethings which are causing you to feel sad and disappointed and changeyour ways of perception and thinking so that you do not feel this wayanymore. You can reprogram your personality through positivesuggestions and the changes you make to the way you see the worldaround you. So, without further ado, help yourself enjoy life.

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