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There are many skeptics out there when it comes to the subject of hypnosis. What we would like to do is explain in simple terms what hypnotism is really all about, plus a few simple techniques to apply when hypnotizing someone. Hopefully this article will dispense those misconceptions you may have when hypnosis is discussed in the future.

Tried Techniques of Hypnotisms

Some people are terrified with the thought of being hypnotized because they believe that they will be out of control. However, what people don’t understand is that they are actually fully awake at all times and are totally focused on the subject matter that is being addressed. One of the best techniques used is to get your patient to stare at a spot on the wall above eye level. Then talking to them quietly in the background or playing soft relaxing music helps the patient to relax. Staring at the one spot opens up the unconscious mind and shuts down the conscious one. This helps the patient to relax and overcome any fears or skepticisms. Hypnotism has helped many people and has covered all areas of human frailty, most of which is self generated, for example, lack of self belief, which normally occured due to something that happened in childhood. Fear of flying is quiet a common one as well as memory issues, weight loss, giving up smoking, fear of going outdoors, etc. The list is endless on the benefits that hypnosis brings to so many people.

The Public Misconceptions about Hypnotherapy

The biggest issue regarding hypnosis is that people believe they will be unaware of what is happening and are in total control of the hypnotherapist, especially women if the hypnotherapist is a man. People also believe that hidden implants are put into your mind to be activated later. You cannot tell a patient to go and rob a bank and bring the money back to you. The unconscious mind has safety mechanisms in it to prevent this. It won’t allow you to do something that is not in your nature to do in the first place. One big misconception is that your memory will be swept clear and the individual will not remember a thing after treatment.

How to Help

People are scared of telling a stranger their deep inner most secrets when in reality people will only release from their mind what they want to. Like having too much to drink you end up telling a stranger sitting next to you in a bar things you won’t tell your hypnotherapist. But that are people. A good hypnotherapist will take time to discuss with his or her client how hypnotherapy works along with writing down a detailed history of the person to help them relax and to indentify the core of the issue of why they are there for in the first place. This core identification then makes it easier to resolve the client’s issues.

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