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There are many methods that people try and use for helping themselves. This is because there are so many problems in life, and some help is definitely needed. So, what is used? There is physical activity (some people find soothing to have big muscles if nothing else is going well), some try with some hobby (painting, playing an instrument, reading books), while some ask for professional help. This final element would definitely include seeing a hypnotherapist. Still, this is an option not many would choose because of certain myths about hypnosis.

Truth and lies

Will you become a mindless zombie if you are hypnotized? Of course not. A person has a complete control over both physical and mental aspect of the body. Another myth revolves around the theory that only those who do not have strong will can be hypnotized. Well, what does that even mean? Hot to determine who is strong minded and who is weak minded? Is there some sort of mind strength-o-meter? Anyone can be hypnotized, with no exception. Also, hypnosis did not fail if a person hypnotized hears the hypnotist. Some hypnotic therapies are based on exactly that, a person being able to clearly and loudly hear the therapist.

Actually, there is this general fear of letting someone in the subconscious part of the mind. The problem is that people themselves are not sure what might be there, and they are simply not thrilled with the option of someone poking the nose in there.

These people should try self-hypnosis then. There is no intruder, and the result might be effective as if the therapy was performed with an expert in the field. There are several things that should be done for a self-hypnosis to be successful. A quiet room with nobody in except the person who wants to be hypnotized is needed. This might seem like an easy task, but try to ensure this with little children in the house. Silence is also preferred, especially if a person will try therapy with vocal suggestions.

Other helping options

Wanting to be successful with hypnosis does not mean that therapy will be successful. If a person feels like this option is not helping, then some other methods should be applied. Which one, that clearly depends on the problem involved. Usually, hypnosis is mostly about increasing the levels of self-confidence and self-esteem and people can never have enough of those things, right? In some cases, it might be the best thing to combine hypnosis with some other helping method. Combined strength of these two methods should deal with the problem.

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