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Creating an attractive body is not easy, but it can and should be done, not because of the attractiveness, but because of the health aspect, which is the most important thing here. Increased physical activity greatly reduces the risk of getting affected by certain conditions and also enhances the functioning of some systems in the body.
Even though exercising will help in shaping the body and toning the muscles, some problems might create obstacles on a road to perfection. One of those problems is cellulite. It is basically the same fat tissue that can be found elsewhere in the organism, but it has a slightly deformed structure, which is why it creates characteristic forms in the skin layers. This is generally more emphasized in women, especially in the abdomen area, buttocks and thighs. Getting rid of butt cellulite and cellulite in other areas is not so easy, but it can be done with the help of some specific exercises and some changes in a diet.
What to do?
For butt cellulite, it is essential to do specific targeting exercises and also exercises that activate many muscle groups (cardio workout). Specific exercises include lunges, squats, aerobics etc.
Lunges – this is an exercise that affects legs and buttocks. Starting position is standing, normal position and from this position, the foot of one leg, let's say right leg, is lifted up and forward. Actually, just like an enormous step forward. Of course, the body is following, but the foot of the left leg must stay in the same spot. Because of the large step forward, left leg knee moves toward the floor almost touching it. This exercise affects quads, upper back part of the leg, knees, buttocks and hips. To make this exercise even more demanding, some free weights can be used in the form of dumbbells held in hands, which have to be relaxed at the both sides of torso.Squat – even though it might seem like this form emphasizes quads mostly, buttocks and other muscle groups in legs are also affected. And when some weight is added (in the form of barbell placed on the shoulders behind the neck, for example), the results are even more impressive. Squat is performed from a slight crouching position with legs bent in knees, but the level of hips is not lower than the level of knees. Hands can be placed straight in front of the torso, at side, or they can even be used to simulate punching motions as body is lifted for some extra effect. The hips are lifted up from the starting position, but all the time the back needs to be straight, also slightly bent forward.Cardio – running would be an excellent choice for eliminating cellulite not only from the butt area, but from all other places where it is present. Running also shapes the body perfectly and affects many muscle groups, including legs, back, abdomen, even arms.

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