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Choices not one’s own

Forcing one into doing something that s/he does not desire has never produced any positive or satisfactory results. The only thing such a person strives for is complete alienation and a way to escape that imposed reality for the sake of keeping one’s inner being at peace. Furthermore, urging oneself in accepting, for example, a job or a career that one does not feel comfortable or satisfied with, can further lead that person into nightmarish days and nights, which slowly, but surely, ultimately consume one completely, leaving nothing but a husk to roam around in a world dominated by work and nothing but work. This furthermore leads only to such things as anxiety, depression and most off all, to that all too incessant and difficult to cope with stress. And as we are all well aware of, once a person finds him/herself in this realm, it is extremely difficult to find a way out and brake free of the influences that the stress has the tendency to chain a person with.

Take control

However, this is still not a reason to give in to stress all that easily, for there exist techniques that can enable one to take firm hold of his/her own life, including stress, and aid in freeing oneself from this horrifying adversary once and for all. The three known and most importantly, effective ways include the following: one can alter it, accept it or avoid it altogether.

Alteration – what is meant by this is that there is a necessity for bringing changes in one’s life, so as to annihilate the primary source(s) of stress completely. This entails much more effective planning of one’s day, improving one’s organizational skills for the purpose of improving the quality of life in all its spheres, as well as learning how to manage one’s time in the best possible way. Avoidance – entails “excluding” oneself voluntarily from any potentially stressful situation that may be on the horizon, or lurking behind a corner, as well as doing a more insightful thinking related to how not to get into such situations in future. In addition, not all wars are meant to be won straight away – walking away and stepping aside is sometimes more than beneficial. Acceptance – once a person is sick and tired of walking away, then s/he should start thinking about the strategies that will enable him/her not only to prepare oneself for the oncoming stress both physically and mentally, but also to enable one to get out of the struggle as a winner.

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