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The lower one goes, the more affected knees get

A quite familiar fact is that the greatest majority of exercises that are designed specifically for the lower body and that are aimed at burning that unpleasant and troubling body fat include bending of the knees as well. Out of this reason, people who have different “unsettled” issues with knees, thus suffering from bad knees, are convinced that there is not a single way, method, or technique that would enable them to go back in the exercise saddle once again.

As for the direct culprits for bad knew, those most prominent ones include such as various injuries, surgery as well as genetic predispositions. Despite the unpleasant fact that knees which are in quite a bad condition will surely interfere and to a certain extent limit and hinder one’s workout session, this does not mean that the person in question will not be able to perform successfully any other kind of leg exercise. What a person needs to do is pay more attention, and take a bit more care when doing a specific leg exercise.

One extremely important piece of advice is that those people whose knees are not in most proper health and form should avoid at all costs such exercises as squats and lunges, despite the fact that they are regarded as the most effective and beneficial lower body exercises.

Precaution first

Prior to opting for a specific set of exercises, it is vital for a person to take certain safety measures in order to avoid and protect oneself from any potential and undesired injury, or injuries come to that. It is extremely important to take most proper care and make sure not to bend one’s knees beyond one’s toes. Every person should keep this in mind at all times since bending one’s knees beyond the toes puts a whole lot of stress on the person’s kneecap. In return, this is known to further worsen the overall condition and the health of the person’s knee.

Exercises that can help

Though many people suffering from bad knees are not at all that convinced that certain exercises can aid them, or that they can be quite easily performed by them, this does not mean that such exercises do not exist. Namely, regarded as the most beneficial and highly effective knee-exercises, as well as those least obtrusive are the following ones:

Calf raise Lying leg raise Ball exercise/s Straight leg raise

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