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Stress refers to the effects of the lack of success of a person to cope with emotional or physical challenges. It can have a negative consequence on a person\'s life in general. There are two types of stress, one being positive - eustress, and the other negative - distress. Eustress has positive effect on a person, helping the person to explore potential benefits. Distress is negative in that a person cannot adjust to certain challenges. Generally speaking, stress is caused by external and internal factors, external being environment, work place, other people, home and everyday situations, and internal being diet, general health and fitness level, quality of sleep and amount of rest. Every person reacts to stressful situations differently, hence the symptoms of stress vary from person to person.

It applies to all, men and women, that stress can cause physical and emotional problems. One of the first emotional symptoms of stress in women is lack of energy and drop of enthusiasm. The person cannot fulfill her obligations, her attention spans are very short, and even after those short periods she feels worn down. This is a sign that the person cannot endure pressure at work, or new obligations at home. She gets more sleep, but not even that helps nor does it invigorate her. This symptom, especially if it happens to a person who was usually energetic, should be taken seriously. Next symptom are persistent headaches after enduring certain stressful situations for a while. Since these headaches sometimes last for days, it would be a good idea to visit a doctor and seek a remedy.

Another symptom of stress in women is insomnia, or inability to fall asleep. A person sleeps sporadically, a couple of hours at a time. This can have serious effects on persons life, even cause physical health problems, so it should be dealt with.

Extreme anxiety and worry over things that are of no significant importance are also symptoms of stress. Constantly worrying over insignificant things tends to create a vicious circle and a person in it usually does not see a way out. The person\'s life becomes full of fear, anxiety and worry which has serious effects on her mental state and can lead to serious mental illnesses.

If a woman is easily irritated and changes her mood rapidly, it may be a sign she is under stress. This person easily loses his patience, has sudden losses of temper and even expresses aggressiveness toward loved ones.

The next symptom of stress may be related to the previous one. It is feeling of guilt and worthlessness. The cause may be in past failures and losses or behavior towards her loved ones. The person starts to reproach herself too much, she self-pities herself and strives toward isolation.It is typical for women under stress to be susceptible to infections due to weakened immune system.

All of the symptoms mentioned have to be taken seriously and the doctor should be informed, because he can make a diagnose according to all the symptoms and take proper measures towards treatment.

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